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Any 3 Carpet areas Cleaned and 

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Which cleaning Method is best for your carpet ?

It depends on a lot of things

  • which kind of backing does your carpet have,felt,foam,hessian
  • what kind of fibre is it made of ,wool,polypropylene,olefin
  • is the soiling greasy,stained,pet
  • is it long pile short pile
  • is it latex bonded or woven

There is so many different makes of carpets that it is very difficult to just use one method. I use several different ones , but the main 2 Carpet cleaning methods I use are.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is actually known as(LM) Low Moisture or(VLM) very low moisture amongst professional carpet cleaners.


  • We vacuum the carpet with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner very slowly North,west south and east, this removes up to 82% of dried soil.
  • Next a Low moisture conditioning solution is sprayed onto your carpet fibres where it is left to dwell for a short period to allow it time to start breaking down stains and oils.
  • We then use a contra rotating and vibrating machine that starts the encapsulation process, as the polymer dries it traps the soils and stains in a brittle polymer, this is vacuumed away once it is dry which in normal conditions can be as little as 30 Minutes

Hot water Extraction

This method is also known as Steam Cleaning .

  • The actual process is better explained as a rinse extraction we vacuum your carpets using a commercial grade vacuum clear and then apply a pre spray solution that is selected that will best suit your carpet fibre and level of soiling.
  • The selected solution is sprayed onto your carpet fibres where it is left to dwell for a short period to allow it time to start breaking down stains and oils.
  • After the dwell time a machine called a crb or rotary is used to agite the solution into the fibres this helps spread the solution around and break down any soiling residue .
  • we then use the extraction machine to jet plain water across the fibres which is then sucked up into a wand via powerful vacuum motors rinsing away all the contaminants and soils from your carpets leaving them Restored ,Clean & Deodorised , the carpet will be dry in 2 to 3 hrs depending on the depth of the pile and fibre construction .

Here Is a selection of Before & After photos

These carpets have been put under extreme conditions ,this is just to show you what we can achieve and the results you can expect.

All photos are actual jobs we have completed .



Wakefield carpet cleaning prices

Carpets Cleaned & Deodorised

  • Lounge £50
  • Lounge/diner £70
  • bedrooms £50
  • Hall/stairs/landing £50
  • Stairs £3 per step

For full House Deals Ring us on 01924 847036 or fill out the contact form below .


  • Leather / Upholstery cleaning £30 per seating position
  • Stain guard treatments 50% of cleaning cost


  • Rugs from £50
  • Woven oriental rugs £70 upwards


  • Car seats from £50

We also do fire and flood restoration quotes given after site visit

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