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  •  5 star Google reviews wakefield
    5 star Google reviews wakefield 5 star Google reviews wakefield

Wakefield Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

 Carpet cleaning special

 Book Any 3 Standard Rooms Max 42Sq Mt


For only  £99.00

 Each room/Area Cleaned and deodorised and pile restored using a powered brushing Machine    

*when 3 areas booked 

3 rooms would be £99

                            Eg. stairs = 1 room . rug = 1 room, lounge diner = 2 areas

                                                           *Max area total Max 42Sq Mt

wakefield carpet and upholstery cleaners van

 Hi I'm Neil Kelloway

The owner operator of Wakefield Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners a professionally run family business,covering all of west Yorkshire.

Based 10 Minutes from Wakefield town centre,we are well situated to cover all areas of wakefield.

"All the prices we quote are for full Deep cleans including all solutions ,stain removers and pile restoring brushing machine plus rinsing .

We never charge for extras and if there is any concerns we tell you before we start and will not charge you anything.

You only pay once completely satisfied, we aim to get every carpet as clean as possible on every job without charging extra.

Always Check that other carpet cleaning services do not Charge extra" 

  • We Clean on Saturdays and Sundays and after 5:00pm at No extra cost for your convenience.
  • 2 person Teams attend most jobs this means we are finished in half the Time .
  • Carpet Cleaning  Residential - office-shops - Doctors
  • Upholstery  Arm Chairs -sofas - Corner suites
  • Hard Floors  Lino - Karndean- Amtico - vinyl - Marble
  • Curtains Cleaned in situ
  • Office Carpets Doctors - Surgeries - shops
  • Rugs Collect & Return service

All items cleaned and deodorised using the latest Eco-solutions and equipment

I started my professional Carpet cleaning business over 17 years ago, and qualified as a IICRC Carpet cleaning Technician This qualification covered all aspects of carpet cleaning & restoration, Part of this training included which methods are the best to use on your carpets and furnishings, as different fibres need appropriate solutions.

Lots of cleaners use detergents which can lead to fibre damage and rapid re-soiling.

We use Eco-solutions that contains no harsh solvents or chemicals and we rinse away the solution and any soiling with just clean fresh water. 

This means that your carpets will stay clean longer and no damage will occur to the fibres, all solutions are Child and pet friendly.

We are Your Local Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning service  

We are based locally for Wakefield ,which allows us to cover all areas from Ryhill ,Stanley,Outwood, Lofthouse, East Ardsley , Sandal, Crofton, Leeds Road. Castleford, Horbury, Pontefract, Ackworth, Hemsworth,all West Yorkshire.

Commercial Carpet cleaning in wakefield 

 We use the Texatherm  Low Moisture system

  • Carpets dry in under 30 Mins this avoids downtime
  • Eliminates wick back staining
  • Stops risk of shrinkage
  • Leaves a Anti static retardant protection on the fibres

We Use a dry and Wet cleaner brush system "Pro35 CRB" that removes hair and other soiling that other cleaning systems  leave behind.

hair and soiling removed by crb

This is what was removed after a thorough vacuuming, the brushes on the crb get deeper into the pile than any standard vacuum or carpet cleaner can,which is great for allergy sufferers as it removes stubborn particles ,such as fluff and dander and other difficult to remove pet hairs.

Hairs and soiling removed from rug using a pro35 crb

Once the dry soiling and pet hairs are removed we pre spray the rug.

Then we go over the fibres with the crb machine .

with just this process you can visibly see on the small area that we went over that there is a vast improvement in the rugs condition already .

Hot Water Extraction carpet & upholstery cleaning with the Storm cleaning system in wakefield

The storm extraction system is one off the most powerful carpet cleaning systems available in the UK 

this allows us the clean your carpets to a new level removing the maximum amount of soiling and stains out of your carpet that is possible leaving them practical dry .

With no residue left behind ,that could attract dirt this means your carpets stay cleaner for far longer 

These are the steps we take to Steam clean your carpet

  • First we vacuum your carpets using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner this is a very important part of the cleaning process as 80% of soiling in a carpet is dry soiling .

  • We then select the appropriate solution for your type of carpet checking whether it is wool or polypropylene, as wool needs to be treated gently, so as not to strip it of its colour or natural oils. The selected solution is then sprayed onto your carpet fibres . 

  • Next we use a machine called a CRB ( counter rotating brush) to agitate the solution into the fibres this helps spread the solution around and break down any soiling residue ,this process also lifts and restores the pile whilist also pulling out any pet hairs or stubborn soiling .

  • We then use the Hot water Extraction machine (steam Cleaner) to jet plain water across the fibres which is then sucked up into a wand via powerful vacuum motors rinsing away all the contaminants and soils from your carpets leaving them Restored ,Clean & Deodorised .

  • The carpet will be dry in 4 to 6 hrs depending on the depth of the pile and fibre construction .the time of drying is the same for all hot water extraction cleaning systems 

Hot Water Extraction

Carpet cleaning a badly pet soiled carpet in wakefield

The above carpet was badly pet soiled ,we use our Eco-solution not only to treat the carpet but also remove the odour ,leaving the carpet smelling fresh clean and dry. 




Each job is individually so it is difficult to give accurate prices just by size.By calling us we can give you accurate price after a short phone consultation to try to ascertain your needs or arrange a home visit if needed  

 Special Offer any 3 areas Cleaned and Deodorised for £99

Pick any 3

  • Lounge     
  • Lounge/diner = 2 areas
  • Bedrooms 
  • Stairs (13 steps)
  • Halls
  • Landings 
  • Bathroom 
  • Study
  • Kitchen 
  • Rugs

 Discounts for For full House Deals Ring us on 01924 847036 or fill out the contact form below .


  • Leather / Upholstery cleaning we charge per seating position
  • Stain guard treatments 50% cleaning cost


  • rugs
  • woven oriental  rugs




Upholstery & Curtains .

 frequent carpet & upholstery Questions

Q How long does my carpet take to Dry  

Each carpet and conditions are different generally a short pile will take 2 to 4 hours to dry and a long pile 6 to 8 hours. add 2 extra hours for wool .

we do provide a dry cleaning process which is instantly dry and ready for use.

Q Do we have to empty the room for cleaning

No you only have move delicate and small items  items , we will move and replace larger items such as sofas and chairs unless due to its size it isn't possible.

Q Are the chemicals you use harmful

None of the products we use are harmful and we use mainly Eco-safe products  that are are child and pet safe  

Q Do I have to vacuum the room prior to you cleaning it.

No we we will vacuum it using  a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.

Will all the stains come out.

We have a very good record at removing stains ,we get around 95% out but on some occasions due to dyes and heat they become permanent so no guarantees can be given.

We also do fire and flood restoration quotes given after site visit

For a free home visit ,Pricing or Advice , Please fill in the form Below.

With a brief outline of work you would like completing and a contact Number. Thank You

Your email address is kept confidential and never passed on.